ST. FRANCIS, WIS. — Charlee Bear, a dog treat brand of Gott Pet Products, introduced improvements to its Grain Free Meaty Bites treat line. According to the brand, the treats are the first raw, freeze-dried meat treats formulated with visible fruit and vegetable inclusions. 

Grain Free Meaty Bites are formulated with quality cuts of raw meat, poultry or fish which are then infused with real fruit or vegetable pieces before being freeze dried. According to Charlee Bear, the freeze-drying process helps ensure nutrient preservation and touts high digestibility and palatability. Each bite contains less than five calories per treat, and also includes probiotics to support digestive health in canines.

The treats are produced in the United States and are free from wheat, soy, corn, as well as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. 

“Building on Charlee Bear’s commitment to providing wholesome and nutritious treats for pets, our enhanced Meaty Bites offer the perfect combination of taste and quality in a smaller, bite-sized shape that’s suitable for dogs of all sizes,” said Rob Cadenhead, general manager of Gott Pet Products. “We’re also proud to debut updated packaging, which complements these improvements and is designed to help the product further standout on shelves.”

Charlee Bear’s Grain Free Meaty Bites are available in five varieties: Beef Liver & Apples, Beef Liver & Sweet Potatoes, Chicken & Blueberries, Chicken & Cranberries, and Salmon & Swett Potatoes. The treats are available in 2.25-oz bags. 

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