ST. FRANCIS, WIS. — Charlee Bear announced that it has reformulated its Bearnola Bites dog treats. The treats are now available in a firmer shape, made with the same whole ingredients.

Formulated with oats, honey and vanilla, the treats are baked in the United States and do not contain corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors and preservatives. Bearnola Bites consist of a granola cluster shape, reminiscent of granola for humans.

According to Gott Pet Products, parent company of Charlee Bear, consumer inquiries prompted the company to change the shape and texture of its Bearnola Bites.

“Since their launch, our Bearnola Bites have been a popular choice among pet parents,” said Rob Cadenhead, general manager of Gott Pet Products. “Our customers told us they loved everything about them, except for the excessive crumbs at the bottom of our bags. After some research and development, we’re excited to offer these new, more crumble-proof Bearnola Bites.”

The reformulation applies to all flavors of Bearnola Bites, which include Blueberry Pie, Cranberry Cobbler, PB & Honey and Pumpkin Spice. The dog treats are available in 8-oz resealable pouches for $8.99.

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