DENVER — Woof, a brand merging play and functional nutrition to support dog wellness, introduced its latest nutritional innovation on April 17 — Wellness Pops. According to Woof, Wellness Pops “reimagine” the way dogs access nutrition by providing functional health benefits paired with long-lasting stimulation.

Woof’s Wellness Pops are formulated with essential nutrients and target specific health needs in dogs, building upon the brand’s Wellness supplement line. The soft chews are meant to be used with the brand’s Pupsicle enrichment toy, which consists of a hole in which to fill with treats and chews, providing dogs with long-lasting play time. 

“We want to make wellness easier for dogs and their parents,” said Daniel Haarburger, founder and chief executive officer at Woof. “Life gets busy, and it’s easy to push nutrition aside. With our Wellness line, we’re making nutrition convenient by merging it with the long-lasting Pupsicle play that dogs (and their owners) love.”

Woof's new Wellness PopsSource: Woof

The Wellness Pops line includes four varieties: Joint Health, Allergy Support, Calming Support and All-in-1 Nutrition. 

The Joint Health pops and chews are formulated with glucosamine, green-lipped mussels and collagen to support bone, joint and cartilage health. 

The Allergy pops and chews are formulated with salmon oil, colostrum, mushrooms and an antioxidant berry blend to support immune health and offer relief from seasonal allergies.

The Calming pops are formulated with magnesium, tryptophan and passionflower to promote relaxation and help alleviate stress. 

The All-in-1 Nutrition pops and chews are formulated magnesium, flax, brewer’s yeast and vitamins A, B12 and E to support longevity, mobility and overall health. According to Woof, this specific formula consists of greater density of vital nutrients compared to other leading brands.

The new Wellness Pops are available on Woof’s e-commerce platform.

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