MILWAUKEE — Frankly Pet introduced its new product: Collagen and Protein Beefy Chew Sticks. The new dog chews join the company’s existing line of rawhide-free and US-made pet treats.

Formulated with 98% high-quality collagen from US cattle, the new chew sticks are highly digestible and serve as an alternative to traditional rawhide. With the addition of collagen, the Beefy Chew Sticks help promote healthy skin, coat, nails, joints and teeth in dogs.

“Our goal at Frankly Pet is to create fun and unique treats and chews that offer puppies and dogs the mental and physical stimulation they need,” said Alan Snyder, chief operating officer at Frankly Pet. “We know dogs will love this tasty option, which can be fed as a well-earned treat or as an on-the-go snack.”

Like all of Frankly’s pet chews, the Collagen and Protein Beefy Chew Sticks don’t contain any chemicals, wheat, sugar, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

The new chews are available in 7-inch and 10-inch varieties and in four flavors: Bacon, Chicken, Original and Steak. Frankly is also offering the chew sticks to retailers in a special display, from which consumers can buy individual sticks. The chew sticks are also available in a 5-pack or 3-pack.

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