DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. — Torito Brands announced its brand Nature Gnaws has launched three new dog chews, expanding its product offerings on May 17. The all-natural chews include Braided Bully Twists, Braided Jerky and Braided Gnaws.

According to Nature Gnaws, the company was prompted to expand its product offerings following high popularity of its Braided Bully sticks.

“[T]his is what we love to do, make something in the kitchen for our best friends,” said Ariosto Matellini, head of product creation at Torito Brands. “We are always thinking about the flavors, the protein, benefits and of course the enjoyment for the dog. We depend on our imagination and years of experience to create the perfect natural chew.”

The Braided Bully Twists are formulated with two pieces of single-ingredient beef jerky, braided together onto a beef bully stick, which are then oven-baked to create a texture for gnawing. The twists are available in a variety of sizes.

The Braided Jerky is formulated with beef gullet and can serve as a training treat or as an anxiety or stress reliever. The jerky is available in small sizes for small to medium dogs and large sizes for medium to large dogs.

The Braided Gnaws are a completely new innovation from Nature Gnaws. The Gnaws are formulated with tripe, beef jerky and a beef bully stick, all twisted together in a patent-pending design and then oven-baked. They are appropriate for dogs of all sizes.

Nature Gnaws’ Braided Bully Twists, Braided Jerky and Braided Gnaws are all available via Amazon and the company’s website from $19.99 to $32.99 per package.

Deissy Black, senior human resources manager at Torito BrandsDeissy Black, senior human resources manager at Torito Brands. (Photo courtesy of Torito Brands)

In conjunction with the release of new products, Nature Gnaws’ parent company Torito Brands announced that Deissy Black has joined its operations as senior human resources manager.

“We’re beyond excited to welcome Deissy Black to the Torito team,” said Steve Mamak, chief executive officer of Torito Brands. “We are looking forward to the growth she will help us structure.”

With experience in labor relations, business strategy, team building, organization and leadership experience at large companies, Black will aid in Torito Brands’ growth plans.

“Our team and employees are our number one priority,” said Jay Mokbel, chief operating officer at Torito Brands. “We are excited to add Deissy to our leadership to help support the team as we expect major growth.”

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