TORONTO — Charmy Pet™, a “next-generation” Canadian pet nutrition company, announced its partnership with Animal Supply Company, a pet specialty distributor in the United States. The partnership marks Charmy Pet’s venture into the US market with an initial focus on the West Coast. 

Established in 2020, Charmy Pet aims to revolutionize pet nutrition by fusing holistic health benefits from traditional Chinese medicine with Western nutritional science. The company’s product line includes complete-and-balanced, freeze-dried raw pet foods formulated with Chinese herbs and other natural, beneficial ingredients to support wellbeing and longevity in pets. 

Charmy Pet also offers a line of dog and cat treats made from single ingredients that are sustainably sourced. The treats can be used for regular treating or training as well as served as a meal topper. The freeze-dried raw diets are produced in the United States and the treats are produced in Canada. 

Charmy Pet's pet foods and treats will be available in the West CoastSource: @lacertesarah, Courtesy of Charmy Pet

“We are very excited to partner with Charmy Pet and bring this unique Canadian brand to our retailers in the United States,” said Sevy Maurer, senior director of vendor sales and marketing at Animal Supply Company. “Charmy’s mission to help dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives perfectly aligns with our vision and values, and we look forward to offering this innovative new line to our retailers.”

According to the companies, Animal Supply Company is known for its extensive distribution network and a commitment to carrying quality products. Both companies will leverage their strengths to help meet growing demand for more holistic and health-promoting pet foods and treats, bringing a “new era” of pet nutrition to the US market, according to Charmy Pet and Animal Supply Company. 

“Our ambition has always been to extend our reach to our southern neighbors, recognizing the US market’s leading position and its cultural and linguistic similarities, especially in the way we cherish our pets,” said Zach Sheng, co-founder and chief executive officer of Charmy Pet. “Collaborating with Animal Supply Company not only endorses our mission but also propels our goal to broaden the availability of holistic pet food throughout North America. We are thrilled about bringing our innovative products to the United States and initially making a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their families on the West Coast.”

Charmy Pet’s products will be available at select retailers throughout the West Coast beginning in May. 

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