MUNICH, GERMANY — AlphaPet Ventures announced its acquisition of Herrmann’s Manufaktur, a pet food brand by Herrmann GmbH, on Feb. 16. The acquisition furthers AlphaPet’s strategy to expand its portfolio of premium brands.

Founded in 2006, Herrmann’s Manufaktur has a led in the organic wet pet food for nearly 17 years, according to AlphaPet. The German manufacturer produces high-quality dog food, cat food, pet supplements and treats made with organic raw materials. It maintains a loyal consumer base and manufacturers its products locally.

AlphaPet is a leading digital platform for the premium pet food market in Europe. Boasting multi-channel and digitalized distribution, the company’s brands include Wolfsblut, Wildes Land, Müllers Naturhof and Arden Grange, an UK-based brand acquired in February 2022.

“Herrmann’s Manufaktur is a fantastic, well-established brand with a great team behind Erich Herrmann,” said Marco Hierling, founder and managing director, AlphaPet. “With the acquisition of the brand, AlphaPet strengthens its position as the leading premium digital pet food platform in Europe and continues its growth path with a projected turnover of around €200 million ($212 million USD) in 2023. We will build on the existing and long-standing supplier and customer relationships and look forward to realizing the great potential of the brand together with our partners.”

According to AlphaPet, it and Hermann’s Manufaktur share a focus on high-quality premium nutrition, sustainability and pet health. Following the acquisition, AlphaPet plans to leverage its distribution network, as well as its online DTC distribution, to support the Herrmann’s Manufaktur brand. AlphaPet’s subsidiary Premium Pet Products GmbH will take over distribution of the brand.

Following the acquisition, Herrman GmbH will retain control of the production assets for Herrman’s Manufaktur and maintain ownership of its private label pet food manufacturing business.

“I see great potential for the Herrmann’s Manufaktur brand through the structures of the AlphaPet Group,” said Erich Herrmann, founder of Herrmann GmbH and Herrmann’s Manufaktur. “By handing over the brand, I can focus even more on the expansion of production, even better products and the private label business with Herrmann GmbH. I am convinced that this will allow us to optimally exploit the potential of both Herrmann GmbH and the Herrmann’s Manufaktur brand.”

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