TORONTO — Canadian pet food company Charmy Pet™ announced June 28 it is accepting funding for its new line of freeze-dried raw pet food that is formulated with Chinese medicinal herbs. The company is accepting funds through its Kickstarter campaign to aid in further development of the pet food line.

According to Charmy, the addition of holistic herbs, which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, provides pets with a boost of health benefits without relying on artificial supplements and vitamins. According to the company, the herbs “will meet and exceed AAFCO guidelines.”

The company has partnered with the University of Guelph and Kate Shoveller, Ph.D., a pet nutritionist, to conduct research on the Chinese herbs used in Charmy's formulas. Once the research concludes, Charmy and its partners will publish the results, detailing the herbs’ metabolic effects on pet health.

“I see a lot of promise in the use of some traditional Chinese herbs, such as ginseng and Astragalus root, in dog foods due to their potential health benefits,” said Julia Pezzali, Ph.D. candidate in the lab of Shoveller at the University of Guelph. “Nutritional research in dogs is the critical next step for Charmy’s success.”

Charmy was prompted to include the Chinese herbs in its formula upon noticing consumer demand in alternative and natural, therapeutic dog foods. Charmy’s new “When East Meets West” Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food line is formulated with Astragaulas root, ginger, seaweed, ginseng and goji berry, making it one of the first pet foods in the North American market to include such herbs, according to the company.

The line features two holistic recipes — a Beef and Duck recipe and a Salmon and Duck recipe — which contain 85% protein and 15% organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. The complete-and-balanced food can serve as a complete meal or a topper.

“Since I was young, I’ve had the chance to experience the healing effects of traditional Chinese Medicine through holistic herbs,” said Zach Sheng, co-founder of Charmy. “If humans can benefit from these herbs, why not share them with our pets? Introducing a new concept like this is challenging, and we need the support of the North American dog community to launch this innovative product.”

The “When East Meets West” line is available through Charmy’s Kickstarter campaign with orders to begin shipping in September 2022.

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