GREEN BAY, WIS. — Carnivore Meat Company’s flagship brand Vital Essentials debuted two new pet food products at booth #454 during Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla. The new products include Freeze-Dried Raw Bar Quail Snacks and the brand’s first Frozen Bulk Dog Patties.

The quail snack expands Vital Essentials’ Raw Bar line, which offers various freeze-dried animal offal snacks for dogs, like Pig Snouts, Pig Ears, Duck Heads and more. Formulated with high-quality protein, B vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids from whole quail, the Freeze-Dried Raw Bar Quail Snacks offer various health benefits to support overall health and vitality, according to Vital Essentials. The snacks are available to retailers in 20-unit packages. 

The brand’s new Frozen Bulk Dog Patties aim to meet demand for consumers that typically purchase larger, bulk packaging and are seeking additional convenience.  The patties will be available in Vital Essentials’ three top-selling proteins. 

“With decades of experience in the meat industry, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality raw Butcher Cut Protein,” said Nick Ebert, chief commercial officer at Vital Essentials. “Whether freeze-dried or frozen, a raw diet is only as good as the quality of the protein you feed your pet. That’s why you won’t find any grains or fillers in Vital Essentials. Just whole animal protein for the essential nutrients and enzymes pets need to live vital lives.”

Additionally, Vital Essentials also provided a peek into its new partnership with KONG. The partnership combines Vital Essentials’ freeze-dried pet foods with KONG’s durable dog toys to provide pet parents a way to enhance their dog’s mealtime and playtime. The partnership includes a special display for independent pet retailers, allowing pet parents to purchase Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Mini-Nibs Dog Food and receive a free Medium KONG Toy or Large KNOG Classic Toy. The displays will be available this spring. 

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