UMWATER, WASH. — We Are NDependent, a pet food and treat brand exclusively serving the independent pet retail channel, unveiled two new product lines during Global Pet Expo 2023. The manufacturer added its Ocean line and Pairs line to its existing lineup of product innovations.

The company’s Ocean line features single ingredient, high-protein snacks for dogs. The treats are available in two varieties — Skins and Fish — in three flavors for each. Skins varieties include large size North Atlantic Cod, small size North Atlantic Cod and large size Nova Scotia Haddock. Fish varieties include the Faroe Islands Blue Whiting, Newfoundland Whole Capelin and Cole Water Pollock Cutlets.

Pairs dog treats by We Are NDependentSource: We Are NDependent 

The Pairs line features nutrient-dense organ meat and “pairs” it with Golden Milk, a superfood made with turmeric that dates back 4,000 years. The Pairs products include Beef Liver with Golden Milk and Pork Heart with Golden Milk.

Founded in 2021 by pet industry veterans Jeff Sandy, Rob Mellem and Rusty Hawes after attending SuperZoo 2021, We Are NDependent creates unique products devoted exclusively for distribution to independent pet retailers.

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