SAN DIEGO — Pet wellness brand Furvor announced March 14 the launch of its latest bone broth formula for dogs. The new Mobility Support Broth is formulated with human-grade, all-natural ingredients including proteins, collagen, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals, according to Furvor.

Mobility Support Broth is designed to support muscle and joint health in dogs with mobility issues, but the formula can also boost immunity, improve digestive wellness, support skin and coat health, and optimize hydration, according to Furvor.

“We are bringing nutrition to bone broth in an industry where almost all bone broths are +95% water — just flavored water,” said Kevin Bauer, founder of Furvor. “We are on a mission to change that, leading a movement to reimagine dog nutrition and creating bone broths that are 30-times more nutritionally dense than typical boxed bone broth.”

The new Mobility Support Broth builds upon Furvor’s existing line of beef and chicken bone broth toppers, as well as its soft chew immunity supplements, for dogs.

According to Furvor, the new formula can be used as a “Gatorade for active dogs.” When mixed with water, the Mobility Support Broth can hydrate for a “pre-workout,” help maintain energy levels and electrolytes during high activity, then replenish hydration and nutrients as a “post-workout.”

Furvor’s bone broth has been endorsed by Frank Teasley, a professional dog musher and owner of Jackson Hole Iditarod Dog Sled Tours, who has been administering the brand’s bone broth products to the dogs he manages for more than three months.

“It’s a standout regarding its nutritional profile, packing dramatically more nutrients for your dog than traditional bone broths, and its taste can satisfy the requirements of your pickiest eaters,” Teasley said.

Furvor is currently exhibiting at Global Pet Expo 2024 at booth #3669.

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