AUSTIN, TEXAS — Fresh dog food company A Pup Above announced it has reformulated its four pet food products to include bone broth. The company plans to unveil the reformulated food at the upcoming Global Pet Expo and will officially release the food at the end of March.

Currently, the company’s products are cooked sous vide-style and come in four varieties: Texas Beef Stew, Chicka Chicka Bow Wow, Porky’s Luau and Turkey Pawella Recipe. All products are either grain free or contain rice.

“The addition of bone broth in our recipes was inspired by our dog Lola, a 16-lb Pomsky,” said Ruth Marriott, co-founder and chief executive officer, A Pup Above. “She loves the taste of bone broth, but she’s never able to finish a whole container of it before it goes bad. We wanted to provide a less wasteful and more convenient way to give it to her daily.”

Including the addition of bone broth, A Pup Above’s products will continue to be formulated with protein from chicken, beef, turkey or pork, as well as manufactured in a human-grade USDA facility located in the United States.

“Bone broth is an amazing superfood, packed with collagen and amino acids to nourish your pups,” Marriott said. “By adding bone broth to the A Pup Above recipes it makes it much easier for us and other pet parents to incorporate bone broth into our dogs’ diets on a daily basis.”

A Pup Above’s reformulation comes after the company’s latest phase of retail expansion. In 2021, the company expanded its presence into major retail chains and pet stores including Hollywood Feed, Healthy Spot, Pet Supplies Plus, PetPeople, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Tomlinson and others. According to the company, its products will be in 3,000 stores by the end of 2022.

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