CHICAGO — On March 12, Shameless Pets, a brand focused on transforming upcycled ingredients into high-quality pet treats, announced its launch into Costco stores within the Texas region. The brand’s top-selling treat Bananas for Bacon will be available at the retailer in 2-lb bags. 

With pet parents paying more mind to their pets’ pawprint, the inclusion of upcycled foods is gaining popularity in the pet nutrition space, touted for their role in reducing food waste. Sustainable, upcycled ingredients are at the forefront of Shameless Pets’ recipes, with the brand scaling its upcycled supply chain to help save more than 3 million lbs of food, according to Shameless Pets.

Shameless Pets was founded in 2018 by James Bello, chief executive officer, and Alex Waite, chief innovation officer, who are leveraging their combined expertise in consumer-packaged goods, retail and product development to grow the brand. Since its launch, Shameless Pets has grown at a CAGR of nearly 300%, according to the brand. 

Shameless Pets' Co-Founders James Bello and Alex Waite

James Bello, chief executive officer, and Alex Waite, chief innovation officer, co-founded Shameless Pets in 2018 with a goal to reduce food waste.

| Source: Shameless Pets

“We are constantly seeking consumer feedback and listening to what is resonating with our consumers,” Bello said. “We continue to hear the importance of sustainability and our customers are always asking us for a bulk size bag available at Costco, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in stores now.”

The Bananas for Bacon dog treat is a soft baked treat formulated with bananas, bacon and peanut butter, as well as other upcycled ingredients. Like all of Shameless Pets’ treats, Bananas for Bacon is free from grain, corn and soy, and contains no artificial flavors. All of the brand’s treats are produced in the United States.  

In addition to leveraging upcycled ingredients, Shameless Pets remains committed to reducing its environmental impact in other areas. The brand uses 25% post-consumer recyclable plastic in its packaging and 80% of its products are made at a facility that utilizes solar energy. Additionally, the brand seeks to partner with retailers that have like-minded environmental missions. 

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