BOSTON — Animal Biosciences, a company seeking to extend the lives of pets, shared the latest clinical research on its Leap Years dog supplement on Feb. 29, revealing that Leap Years can help reverse age-related decline in dogs, as well as significantly improve cognitive function.

Leap Years is a soft chew supplement formulated with an NAD+ Precursor and a senolytic, a small molecule used to kill senescent cells that cause aging. The supplement specifically targets aging, which can lead to the deterioration of tissues and organ function. According to Animal Biosciences, senior dogs experience cognitive decline, increased frailty and lower engagement, similarly to humans. To help reverse these impacts of aging, Animal Biosciences developed the supplement, which underwent five years of development and testing using discoveries from Harvard Medical School.

The double-blind clinical study was conducted at North Carolina State University (NCSU) Veterinary College in collaboration with Natasha Olby, Ph.D., professor of neurology and neurosurgery. It confirms that Leap Years can improve cognitive function and showed positive impacts on other areas of decline, like frailty, activity and happiness. It was published on BioRxiv, a preprint server for biology.

Animal Biosciences' Leap Years dog supplementSource: Leap Years/Animal Biosciences, Inc.

“The outcomes of the clinical trial, especially the enhancements in cognition, are encouraging and represent a unique achievement,” Olby said. “This rigorous study, which acknowledges the difficulties aging pets and their owners encounter, shows dedication to scientific methods aimed at improving the quality of life for our canine companions.”

According to Animal Biosciences, this study shows the “first clinical evidence that it is possible to reverse age-related decline in dogs.”

“I am very proud of the teams at NCSU and Animal Biosciences, who, after years of collaborative research and a clinical trial, have developed the first supplement shown to reverse the effects of age related decline in dogs," said David A. Sinclair, AO, Ph.D., professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of Animal Biosciences.

Animal Biosciences was founded in 2017 by David A. Sinclair and his brother Nick Sinclair, chief executive officer. The company is applying small molecule-based therapy from the human health industry to the pet industry with the goal to delay aging and extend healthy lives of pets.

Read the full study on Leap Years here.

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