WILTON, CONN. — Blue Buffalo has partnered with Veterinarian Evan Antin, DVM, to help pet parents address digestive health and skin sensitivities in their dogs.

According to Blue Buffalo, digestive and skin issues are some of the top reasons why pet parents take their dogs to the vet.

“Nutritional modification can be an easy and effective approach to helping dogs who present with symptoms of dietary issues and skin sensitivities linked to diet,” Antin said. “That’s why it's important to be aware of what is typical for your pet when it comes to their digestion and nutritional needs, so you can address any issues with your veterinarian quickly. Pets are such important members of our families, and they deserve to live happy, healthy lives.”

In collaboration with Antin, Blue Buffalo has detailed some tips to help manage digestive issues and skin sensitivities in dogs, which include:

  • Ensuring hydration
  • Providing more gentle foods, like a temporary bland diet following digestive issues
  • Feeding limited-ingredient formulas, which can help support digestion and address food sensitivities, as well as formulas specifically designed to promote digestive and skin and coat health

Blue Buffalo offers various formulas to address these concerns in dogs, such as its limited-ingredient BLUE Basics line, True Solutions Blissful Belly for digestive health, and True Solutions Skin and Coat Care for sensitive skin.

The BLUE Basics line is formulated with single-source proteins, Omega fatty acids and vitamins E and C to support immune, skin and coat and digestive health. The formulas contain no chicken, beef, eggs or dairy, making them suitable for dogs with food sensitivities. The True Solutions Blissful Belly diet is formulated with prebiotics, fiber and natural ingredients to promote overall healthy digestion. The True Solutions Skin and Coat Care formulas contains clinically proven ingredients that help support healthy skin and coat.

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