BANGKOK — Kelly and Companion Co., Ltd., was named 2023-2024 “Brand of the Year” at the World Branding Awards in Vienna for its freeze-dried pet foods. According to Kelly & Co’s, the award serves as a testament to its global impact and expansion in the freeze-dried category.

Founded by Wichitpon Assavachamnan, chief executive officer, and Sittipong Siritantrakool, Kelly & Co’s originally began as a startup and has grown into an international brand committed to high-quality pet food innovations.

Kelly & Co’s leverages advanced freeze-drying technology to help ensure nutritional integrity and food safety of its pet food formulas, with a focus on meeting growing demand for natural and synthetic-free pet foods throughout the globe. The brand’s commitment to its technology has led it to become a globally recognized brand in the freeze-dried space, according to Kelly & Co’s.

“Being named ‘Brand of the Year’ at the World Branding Awards is not just a recognition of our product excellence; it’s a celebration of our global footprint and the trust consumers around the world place in us,” Assavachamnan said. “Our recent achievements underscore our position as an influential player in the international pet food market.”

In creating its pet food products, Kelly & Co’s is dedicated to sustainability and humane practices throughout its supply chain. The company sources its materials from suppliers who adhere to humane and sustainable practices to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients. According to the brand, this sourcing commitment has played a key role in its rapid growth and wide acceptance across various markets.

Additionally, the brand’s products were named “Freeze Dried Product of the Year” from the Pet Innovation Awards in the United States. According to Kelly & Co’s, these recognitions will help further solidify its position in the freeze-dried pet food segment worldwide.

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