SYKESVILLE, MD. — The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co.’s freeze-dried dog and cat diets, as well as its Manuka Honey treat and meal topper, will be available in the United States at the end of January after the company inked an exclusive distribution deal with Pet Palette.

“We are excited to offer this unique and healthy brand to our retailers across the country and we really believe in the products,” said Ron Metzger, president and chief operating officer at Pet Palette. “They’re going to resonate with pet owners who want the best for their animals, and independent retailers who hand pick only the best products to carry.”

New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. sells small-batch freeze-dried dog and cat foods under its MEOW and WOOF brands. All ingredients used in its pet food formulas are ethically sourced, grown and raised in New Zealand. The company offers seven diets under its MEOW line for cats and seven under its WOOF line for dogs.

“We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive,” said Jacqueline Taylor, co-founder of The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. “Our natural premium pet food range uses fresh whole ingredients, brimming with earth-grown goodness which your animal’s body will recognize to heal and nourish itself, just as nature intended.”

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Company was founded in 2016 by Taylor and business partner Amber Cordero.

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