CHICAGO — Arch Pet Food, a startup focused on sustainable and hypoallergenic pet nutrition, shared plans to launch two new products in the coming months. The new products include Copi treats for dogs and cats and the company’s first complete-and-balanced dog food formula.

The new Single-Ingredient Copi Treats are made from dehydrated Copi, known as Asian Carp, an invasive freshwater fish species. Developed for dogs and cats, these treats offer pets a great source of lean protein and are rich in Omega fatty acids to support overall health and wellness. According to Arch, the formula is the first-ever cat treat to use dehydrated Copi.

The Copi treats will be available in 2-oz packaging, set to roll out Jan. 22 on Arch’s website, as well as Amazon and other pet food retailers.

Additionally, Arch will debut its first complete-and-balanced formula for dogs: Super Future Formula. The formula contains a blend of plant and insect proteins from dried yeast and black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), highly fibrous ingredients, and itchin, a natural prebiotic, as well as other limited ingredients. The result is a sustainable, high-protein, nutrient-rich dog food that offers digestive health benefits and is also hypoallergenic, as it avoids the eight most common dog food allergens, according to Arch. To develop Super Future Formula, Arch partnered with pet nutritionists and veterinarians.

Arch’s Super Future Formula, available in 4-lb bags, will begin rolling out in early March on Arch’s website, Amazon and other pet food retailers.

In addition to these upcoming product launches, Arch Pet Food was selected as a finalist for Purina’s 2024 Pet Care Innovation Prize and will present its business at Global Pet Expo 2024.

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