SAN FRANCISCO — Plant-based pet nutrition company PawCo Foods introduced two new products to its portfolio on Jan. 4. Joining its existing product, GreenBites, the new dog foods are powered by plants and optimized through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to the company, its proprietary GreenMeat ingredient is the first fully plant-based meat specifically developed for use in pet food. GreenMeat is the basis upon which PawCo’s formulas are built, including its two newest products — InstaBites and LuxBites.

InstaBites is a shelf-stable dog food designed to offer the convenience and affordability of kibble with the quality of fresh nutrition. LuxBites represents a premium, functional fresh dog food formulated with postbiotics and fermented protein to support gut health, immunity and nutrient absorption.

PawCo Foods' dog food portfolio: InstaBites, LuxBites and GreenBitesSource: PawCo Foods

Founded and led by former Impossible Foods scientist Mahsa Vazin, Ph.D., PawCo Foods leverages AI to enhance nutrition and palatability for its plant-based pet foods.

“Our mission at PawCo is to ensure every dog and dog owner has access to healthy and affordable meal alternatives, without sacrificing other animals’ lives,” said Vazin, chief executive officer of PawCo Foods. “We are using AI in various parts of our process to ensure the food is optimized for dogs while improving the palatability and taste of our products.”

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