KORTRIJK, BELGIUM — After surveying its customers and finding that 87% are willing to try a plant-based dog food, European pet food brand Edgard & Cooper has introduced two new plant-focused formulas containing no animal meats.

The two plant-based formulas — Crispy Carrot & Courgette and Beetroot & Pumpkin — contain fresh vegetables that provide all 10 essential amino acids through potato, rice and peas. They are also formulated with other vegetables, fruits, herbs and pulses.

Both recipes include 20% fresh vegetables. The Carrot & Courgette formula features carrot, courgette, pear and blueberries, while the Beetroot & Pumpkin formula includes beetroot, pumpkin, parsnip, apple and elderberries. The diets are both gently cooked to optimize nutrient availability.

According to Edgard & Cooper, the production of these two plant-based formulas emits 43% less COcompared to carbon emissions of its regular pet food. Additionally, 87% of the company’s total emissions come from its ingredients, of which 90% are meat and fish. The company also shared that an average dog’s carbon “pawprint” can reach 770 kg of COper year.

“We must change to take care of the planet that we and our furry friends love,” said Louis Chalabi, founder and chief marketing officer at Edgard & Cooper. “Our pets thrive in nature, and we must act now to protect it.”

Both diets offer 26% crude protein, 12% crude fat and 4% crude fiber. They also deliver Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, calcium and phosphorus.

“We hope consumers will try the new recipes and then choose a new meal plan that’s right for them and their pet – whether that’s going plant-based for breakfast, mixing it in with their favorite flavor or going 100% veggie,” said  Sofie Vromant, brand development manager.

The company’s new plant-based dog foods are packaged in all-paper bags that can be recycled with regular paper recycling. The diets are currently available at edgardcooper.com and at select retailers across Europe.

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