WALLA WALLA, WASH. — Key Technology, a brand under Duravant’s Food Sorting and Handling group, introduced its new RemoteMD® 2.0 support service for its optical sorting systems on Dec. 14. The service aims to help optimize equipment performance, protect food safety and ensure product quality, all while increasing equipment uptime and reducing service costs.

RemoteMD 2.0 is a remote support service that allows Key Technology service technicians to connect to a sorter, providing real-time monitoring and technical support. The service also offers 24/7 call center support and regular equipment status reports.

“The worldwide labor shortage has made technology experts difficult for food processors to hire and retain,” said Jack Lee, group president of Duravant’s Food Sorting and Handling Solution division. “With fewer skilled employees at our customers’ facilities, we’ve identified ways we can help fill the gaps.

“Leveraging RemoteMD, we can take many machine maintenance tasks off the customer’s plate and improve their ROI by minimizing repair time and costs and reducing the chance of product recalls,” he added. “When a food processor chooses a Key sorting system, we aren’t just providing them with a machine — we’re building a partnership that lasts the life of the system.”

RemoteMD provides service technicians with detailed information on the sorting equipment, including the system’s health and operating condition, allowing them to identify potential improvements that can help processors enhance the equipment’s performance and uptime. Additionally, RemoteMD can facilitate the delivery and installation of software updates and patches.

For more extensive technical support, RemoteMD reduces the need for an on-site service technician, as many equipment issues can be diagnosed and corrected remotely by Key Technology. If on-site support is required, the service can help the technician identify parts needed prior to their visit.

RemoteMD is available as both a stand-alone service or as part of service packages for processors. Additionally, the service also includes seasonal plans that are only active during a specific period for those operating their sorters for only a few months during the year. RemoteMD also offers interactive remote training courses on the sorting equipment, allowing processors to train their staff more efficiently.

Key Technology’s RemoteMD is currently compatible with its VERYX®, COMPASS®, OCULUS, Manta®, Optyx® and Tegra® optical sorters, as well as its ADR® and ADR EXOS® automatic removal systems. The support service can be installed on new equipment or retrofitted on already-installed equipment.

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