WALLA WALLA, WASH — Key Technology, a Duravant brand, launched its new Auto Diverter for vibratory conveyors on June 15. Designed for its Iso-Flo® conveyors, the new equipment is ideal for bulk product and packaging lines to achieve greater accuracy in downstream systems.

Key Technology’s Auto Diverter splits product flow into two downstream systems, including packaging machines or digital sorters. The diverter is equipped with a strong diverter blade, an improved pneumatic hold-down system and other features to ensure better performance, as well as long-lasting equipment.

“Vibratory conveying equipment, including diverters, take a beating during routine operation,” said Rudy Sanchez, process systems product development manager at Key Technology. “Product moves through shakers with immense force over long periods of time. For that reason, robust automatic diverters are challenging to design — most equipment manufacturers won’t even try.

“We did a lot of research and testing to develop a new diverter system that improves reliability and extends the life of this unit in even the most demanding production environments,” Snachez added. “Our Auto Diverter is a very unique solution.”

Key Technology's Auto Diverter features a thick bladeThe Auto Diverter features a thick blade. (Source: Key Technology) Designed to handle dry, frozen and wet products, the Auto Diverter can handle any free-flowing food products, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, candies, snacks and more. The system can fit beds up to 72 inches and can be equipped with blades up to 47 inches long.

The diverter builds upon Key Technology’s existing diverting equipment, boosted with a thicker blade that is bolted instead of welded to the machine to allow for easy removal when cleaning. As well as an improved blade, Key Technology also improved the pneumatic hold-down system, which can now handle a greater amount of force without shifting its position. To increase product control, the new diverter is specifically designed to guide product away from corners of the machine.

With fully integrated and optimized controls, the Auto Diverter can be operated locally at its user interface or remotely via a plant-wide network or automatically controlled by other downstream systems. The diverter also features simple controls that allow for splitting and adjusting product and blocking lanes.

The Auto Diverter can help increase food safety with scalloped-shaped welds throughout the frame and blade and an innovative actuator, which is located under the conveyor bed. According to Key Technology, the new diverter can improve worker safety compared to traditional diverters, which rely on manual blade repositioning.

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