DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. — Key Technology, a Duravant brand, has introduced a new suite of IIoT software solutions that allow its digital sorting systems to collect, analyze and share data in real-time while product is being sorted.

The solution, Key Discovery™, can be used to identify and track trends and patterns and inform up and downstream processes. This could result in optimized product quality, maximized yield, reduced downtime and minimized labor, all of which lend themselves to an increase in profitability.

“The Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] is a reality in the food processing industry,” said Dave Crewe, senior vice president of AIS Engineering at Key Technology. “Key Discovery represents the next-generation of our information analytics software solutions. With it, food processors can turn their digital sorters into advanced product and process information centers. We’re known for our powerful food sorting systems, which generate a greater volume of more accurate data about the customer’s product than other sorting devices. Key Discovery leverages that data and helps processors identify actionable opportunities to enhance operations.”

Key Discovery can be used with all Key Technology sorting equipment, including its ADR EXOS™ automatic defect removal systems and VERYX® digital sorters. The solution can be integrated with an enterprise management system, including an MES or SCADA system, PLC networks, secure infrastructures and other floor management platforms. 

The solution can also provide data on the “health” of each sorting system, monitor upstream and downstream processes and identify areas of improvement. Key Discovery measures products based on quality profiles, including color, size, shape, structural property and chemical composition, and also detects foreign material and other defects.

The solution will be available for all new Key Technology digital sorting systems and can be retroactively installed on existing Key sorters. Additionally, features can be expanded or customized to meet the unique needs of each processor.

“We partner with individual processors to understand their product, operational requirements and how Key Discovery can be tapped to add the most value,” Crewe explained. “We then tailor their Key Discovery solution accordingly.”

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