DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. — Duravant subsidiary Key Technology has released a new patented software update for its VERYX® line of digital sorting equipment. The new capability, coined Global View, allows processors to combine product data collected from multiple sensors, offering full visibility of each product from every vantage point.

The software can improve product quality, reduce the need for manual inspection, increase product yield and collect “more sophisticated data,” Key Technology shared.

“Without Global View, the sorter analyzes information from each sensor view independently, thereby relying on knowledge about a single side of an object to make an accept or reject decision,” explained Stephan Westcott, global automated inspection system product manager for Key Technology. “With Global View, multiple views of the same object are stitched together, and the accept or reject decision is based on information about the entire object. This allows us to recognize defects based on an analysis of the total, multi-sided surface area of an object. Food sorting technology has struggled to control these types of defects until now. It’s very exciting and creates new possibilities for quality control.” 

The Global View capability combines data from multiple cameras, lasers or hyperspectral sensors to define defects by color, size, shape, structural properties, chemical composition, or a combination of those attributes from a more holistic perspective. Key Technology has announced this new offering as a new and better way to manage product quality and consistency, on top of mitigating foreign material contamination.

Additionally, processors can leverage Global View to collect comprehensive data about each product’s entire surface for quality control and decision-making processes. The software is equipped with Key Technology’s Information Analytics software. Global View is unique to Key Technology’s VERYX digital sorters.

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