WHITE CITY, LONDON — Cultivated pet food company, Good Dog Food, announced a rebrand to Meatly in preparation for its upcoming product launch in the United Kingdom. According to Meatly, it will sell the first-ever cultivated pet food on the market.

“We’re thrilled to announce our rebrand to Meatly, in what marks an exciting new chapter for us as a team and brand,” said Owen Ensor, chief executive officer of Meatly. “We chose the name ‘Meatly’ because we wanted to celebrate the fact that that is real meat, made the new way. Our hope is that Meatly will quickly become a household name, loved by pets and pet parents alike, and recognized as the choice for healthy, sustainable, delicious pet food.”

Since its inception in 2022, Meatly has been developing more ethical and sustainable proteins for pets in the form of cultivated meat without compromising on nutritional value. To create its sustainable pet food, Meatly takes a sample of cells from a chicken egg.

“Our pets love meat, but old-fashioned meat, produced through factory farming, requires a huge amount of land, water and antibiotics and is a key cause of environmental degradation,” Ensor said. “We need cultivated meat now more than ever. Pet food is the natural starting point, given consumers’ excitement. We’re thrilled to be at the heart of the future of meat production in the UK.”

As part of the rebrand, the company has launched a new consumer-facing website and has secured partnerships with key manufacturers to get its cultivated pet food on retail shelves soon.

The rebrand follows Meatly’s successful seed funding round, in which the company raised £3.6 million ($4.5 million USD) in investments.

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