BLUE BELL, PA. — Cooper & Friends LLC recently introduced its new line of functional dog treats. The Functional Jerky line offers low-calorie, protein-rich, sustainably made functional treats to support dog health and wellness.

With increased awareness of pet health, Cooper & Friends developed the line to provide functional health benefits to dogs, specifically targeting digestive, immune and mobility issues. The premium treats are formulated with fresh protein and vegetables, as well as science-backed supplements to provide health benefits.

Cooper & Friends' Insects and Salmon Functional Jerky dog treatSource: Cooper & Friends LLC

“Our journey was driven by the vision to craft a range of functional dog treats that align with the needs and values of devoted pet parents,” said Gili Wizen, founder of Cooper & Friends.

All treats in the Functional Jerky line are gently dehydrated, according to Cooper & Friends, to preserve essential nutrients. The line includes five formulas:

  • Insects and Salmon Jerky, made with black soldier fly, salmon and vegetables
  • Round Beef Jerky, made with top-round beef and vegetables
  • Tilapia Fillet Jerky, made with tilapia, vegetables and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Pork Loin Jerky, made with pork loin and vegetables
  • Chicken Breast Jerky, a low-fat jerky made with chicken breast and vegetables

Each formula is enriched with pre- and post-biotics, organic acids and botanicals to support digestive and immune health. The Insects and Salmon recipe also contains a plant extract to help reduce inflammation, offering mobility support.

Cooper & Friends’ Functional Jerky line is available at select pet retailers and online.

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