SEATTLE — Boss Nation Brands Inc. launched new flavors of its Farm Fresh Raw Goat Milk product for pets. The goat milk line now includes five varieties: Original, Perfectly Pumpkin, Apple and Cranberry Smash, Consistently Carrot and Simply Spinach.

Each flavor of the Farm Fresh Raw Goat Milk is carefully crafted, according to Boss Nation, to ensure optimal nutrition for pets. The goat milk products serve as supplements and are formulated with essential nutrients including taurine, probiotics and fatty acids to support overall health and wellness and provide pets with a hydration boost.

Boss Nation specifically chose raw goat’s milk due to its effectiveness for pets with food sensitivities. According to the brand, goat milk contains less lactose compared to cow milk and is more easily absorbed by dogs and cats.

“Our raw goat milk is sourced from free-range goats, raised to ethical standards, and without the administration of antibiotics or added hormones,” said Vasili Nassar, founder and chief executive officer of Boss Nation. “By adding Boss Dog Raw Goat Milk to your pet’s diet, they will receive vital moisture and benefit from the abundance of raw nutrients, as well as our proprietary organic spice blend.”

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