TORONTO — CULT Food Science Corp.’s patented, cultivated ingredient Bmmune® has received scientific validation, demonstrating its high nutritional value in pet food products. According to the company, Bmmune exceeds industry standards for protein and essential amino acids, making it a better alternative to traditional animal-based proteins.

Bmmune is a blend of nutritional yeast and fermented ingredients, offering high levels of protein. The ingredient is cornerstone of CULT’s Noochies! cultivated pet food and treat brand.

According to independent third-party testing, Bmmune exceeds ingredient standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The ingredient offers nearly twice as much protein and contains a high amnio acid profile compared to chicken and lamb proteins.

Bmmune's nutrient profile compared to chicken and lamb proteinsSource: CNW Group/CULT Food Science Corp.

Alongside its high nutritional value, Bmmune also offers environmental benefits. According to CULT, the ingredient requires low inputs and is developed with any use of arable land, fresh water, or carbon-emitting farm animals and equipment.

“Our testing confirms our Bmmune® ingredient is a true alternative to conventional proteins, a single ingredient that soars past stated AAFCO minimums and stacks up against popular animal proteins,” said Joshua Errett, vice president of product at CULT. “This is premium nutrition without the environmental harm — a future-proofed pet food.”

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