DES MOINES, IOWA — Global ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries launched its “61 Since ‘61” anniversary celebration on March 9 to celebrate its anniversary. Since 1961, the company has committed to transforming the world by supplying a variety of industries, including pet food, with more sustainable, high-quality ingredients.

Originally founded as Chemical Industries, Inc., Kemin initially manufactured two product lines of antioxidants, crop preservatives and feed flavors to farmers throughout the Midwest in an old wool barn. Throughout the last six decades, the company has expanded its reach, product offerings and operations to a global scale.

Currently, Kemin serves customers in more than 120 countries; has facilities spanning 90 countries, including Belgium, China, Brazil, India, Egypt, Russia, Italy, San Marino, South Africa and Singapore; employees more than 3,000 people worldwide; and supplies more than 500 specialty ingredients to the animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food and crop technologies, textile, biofuel and animal vaccine industries.

Kemin’s offerings for pet food include antimicrobials, mold inhibitors, antioxidants, palatants, specialty proteins and immune support ingredients.

031622_Kemin anniversary_hq_Embedded.jpgKemin's global head quarters in Des Moines, Iowa. (Source: Kemin)

With annual sales reaching more than $1 billion, the family-owned and -operated company remains headquartered in Des Moines, on the same site of the wool barn where it first began its operations. Kemin has since expanded the wool barn to a 70-acre campus home to its $30 million global head office.

"For six decades, Kemin has continued to grow our global footprint with the foundational philosophy of serving others — from our customers to our communities — to improve the quality of life,” said Chris Nelson, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Kemin. “This basis has driven Kemin's product innovation and new market entry around the world. As an essential business serving the global food supply chain, our work became even more critical during the pandemic, and our employees, customers, and partners remained deeply committed as we all faced the crisis. In 2022, with a deeper recognition and appreciation of all we've accomplished together, we're commemorating 61 years of innovation and celebrating our history."

Nelson family, owners and operators of Kemin IndustriesLibby Nelson, vice president and general counsel; R.W. and Mary Nelson, co-founders; and Chris Nelson, president and chief executive officer. (Source: Kemin)

Founded by R.W. Nelson and Mary Nelson, Kemin originally manufactured two product lines for the agriculture industry. The company was founded with a commitment toward its communities and employees’ families. The company has kept its commitment over the decades, partnering with several local and worldwide nonprofits focused on science and education, housing and food security, sustainability and community development.

"When we started the business, we never dreamed of what it would become," R.W. and Mary Nelson said. "We're grateful to all the employees who've worked at Kemin during the past 61 years and thank them for helping to create the company we have today. We are excited to watch the next generation of our family continue to build a better future for all through innovative science and service."

The company’s largest partnership is with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), in which Kemin works alongside scientists to create products to aid in food crises. Through the partnership, Kemin has helped more than 25 million people annually throughout war zones and crisis areas, including Yemen, Syria and South Sudan.

To celebrate 61 years, the company will host global customer events throughout 2022, sharing its history. Kemin and its employees will also donate about 24,000 volunteer hours to better their own communities through volunteer organizations.

"Kemin has always focused on using scientific innovation to help address global challenges, such as feeding the world's growing population,” Chris Nelson said. “Today, these challenges continue to build, so we must do our best to meet such demands, and to do so sustainably—without compromising future generations. It has been an honor to continue the legacy that R.W. and Mary created and witness the positive impact Kemin products have made in transforming the quality of life around the world for humans, pets, and animals. I am excited for the future of Kemin and the next 61 years."

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