MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS — Nature’s Logic, a natural pet food brand, has added a line of functional dog treats to its portfolio. The Biscuits with Benefits line includes three baked treat formulas targeting common health concerns in dogs — Calming Support, Skin & Coat Care, and Healthy Digestion.

All three formulas feature all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients, according to Nature’s Logic. The Calming Support Biscuits contain peanut butter, chamomile and lavender. The Skin & Coat Care Biscuits feature high-quality salmon protein and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The Healthy Digestion Biscuits include high-quality lamb meal protein and prebiotics.

“These new treats are packed with natural, purposeful and nutrient rich ingredients that will allow pet parents to feel good about the nutrients they’re trusting to treat the pets they love,” said Greg Cyr, chief executive officer of Mid America Pet Food, parent company of Nature’s Logic.

Biscuits with Benefits come in versatile shapes that allow them to be fed whole or broken into smaller bits for smaller mouths and training.