LINCOLN, NEB. — Nature’s Logic has been recognized in Real Leaders magazine’s inaugural Eco Innovation Awards for its sustainability commitments. Ranked at No. 11, it is the only pet food company represented in this year’s awards.

Nature’s Logic was recognized by Real Leaders as a first adopter of the Certified Plastic Neutral packaging pledge in the pet food and treat space.

“We’re proud to share this important achievement, demonstrating that a brand can continue strong business growth while also taking a proactive role in sustainability,” said Greg Cyr, chief executive officer of Mid America Pet Food, parent company of Nature’s Logic.

Certified Plastic Neutral (CPN) is a program by rePurpose Global, in which participating companies pledge to remove as much plastic from the environment as they produce.

“As the pet industry continues sustained growth, CPN offers an immediate-impact measure which allows us to work towards impactful changes to benefit the outdoor spaces we love to explore with our families and pets, today and for years to come,” said David Yaskulka, senior vice president of corporate social responsibility at Mid America Pet Food.

While it may have been one of the first pet food companies to commit to the CPN program, others have since followed suit. Human-grade pet food and treat company Raised Right joined the program in January 2022, followed by Earth Animal, a holistic pet nutrition and care brand, in April and v-dog, a plant-based pet nutrition brand, in May.

Aside from its CPN certification, Nature’s Logic funds women-run micro-businesses in India, which work to remove ocean-bound plastic from waste streams and divert it to recycling streams. The goal with these programs is to recycle at least 1 lb of plastic for every lb used, according to Real Leaders.

“There are a number of factors that impact change within an organization,” Cyr told Real Leaders. “A commitment to ongoing education, an openness to new ideas or new ways of tackling issues, clear lines of communication, and the cultivation of strong, positive corporate culture allow transformational change to be possible and impactful.”

The 50 companies on the 2022 Eco Innovation Awards list were chosen based on significant sustainable impact, innovation and five-year revenue growth. Find the comprehensive Eco Innovation Awards list here.

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