RYE, NEW YORK — Two pet industry families have partnered to launch a new, modern sales representation company: Right Way Reps. Using state-of-the-art technology, Right Way Reps seeks to modernize the retail sales process within the pet industry.

Right Way Reps was founded by the Rudd and Jacobson families. The Rudd family owns Raised Right, a human-grade pet food brand that specializes in vet-formulated, high-protein, low-carb and limited-ingredient formulas. The Jacobson family has nearly 30 years of pet retail experience and operates award-wining retail chain Pet Pantry Warehouse.

“There needs to be a direct line of communication between what is expected and what is actually happening throughout the entire sales process,” said Adam Jacobson, co-founder and president of Right Way Reps and executive vice president of Pet Pantry Warehouse. “All brand partners are provided with backend access to review product placement, sales data and notes from store visits. Using our mix of data driven technology, we deliver success in measurable ways so brands can fully understand their return on investment.”

Right Way Reps provides brands with transparency and visibility throughout the entire sales process. Each of its sales representatives operates a tablet connected to a software program, allowing brands to see real-time sales data.

“Understanding the challenges from the point of view of both the brand and the retailer, we know that all too often great product innovations are brought to market in the pet industry without the resources needed to build a professional sales team,” said Braeden Rudd, co-founder of Right Way Reps and co-founder and chief executive officer of Raised Right. “We aim to level the playing field between brands of all sizes by giving the support needed to effectively grow within retail stores.”

Right Way Reps launched its first territory in southwestern states, including California, Arizona and Nevada, and is currently in the process of expanding to additional territories. The company currently represents Raised Right, Diggin’ Your Dog, SuperSnouts, Savage Cat, Polkadog and HuggleHounds.

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