VIENNA, AUSTRIA and LILLESTRØM, NORWAY — Mondi announced its collaboration with Felleskjøpet, a Norwegian pet food manufacturer, on Oct. 4, in which the company developed a recyclable packaging solution for Felleskjøpet’s pet food products. The high-barrier packaging strives to keep material in recycling circulation, therefore avoiding waste.

Felleskjøpet is using Mondi’s FlexiBag Recyclable, a mono-material bag made from polyethylene, in the relaunch of its Appetitt range of dry dog and cat food formulas. The recyclable packaging will replace Felleskjøpet’s previous packaging, which was an unrecyclable, multi-layer solution. The new packaging is specifically designed for recyclability in accordance with CEFLEX D4ACE guidelines and can be incorporated into existing Norwegian plastic recycling streams.

“Our relaunched Appetitt range packed in FlexiBag Recyclable will be available in stores from October,” said Hege Rosenhaug, product and development manager of pet food at Felleskjøpet. “The pet food is delivered in its best condition; it is both protected and kept fresh by the new packaging. This is an important step in our journey towards being a more environmentally responsible organization.”

According to Mondi, the FlexiBag Recyclable solution offers strong product protection and helps preserve premium pet food products with a high-barrier material. The bags include a sliding-closure for easy opening and a handle for more convenient transporting. The packaging solution also offers excellent print qualities, according to Mondi, guaranteeing high visibility on shelves.

“This partnership was all about designing appealing packaging for the Appetitt pet food, meeting the consumer needs of convenience and product protection, as well as helping Felleskjøpet meet its sustainability goals,” said Pal Wikstrom, sales manager of Nordic consumer flexibles at Mondi. “It meant working together closely and asking all the necessary questions at each stage of the manufacturing process to deliver a solution that works for the customer, the product, the planet — and of course the pets.”

Mondi showcased the FlexiBag Recyclable packaging at the ScanPack packaging fair from Oct. 4 to 7.

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