VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Mondi has partnered with Interquell Petfood, a German pet food manufacturer, to develop two eco-friendly, paper-based pet food packaging options that reflect consumer trends toward convenience and sustainability.

Interquell will be utilizing the new packaging solutions, deemed FlexiBags, for its Goood organic pet food products. The packages were developed after Interquell asked Mondi to develop two sizes of paper-based bags with functional barrier properties. The resulting FlexiBag solution will help Interquell reduce its plastic waste while ensuring premium protection for the product inside.

“Sustainability is key for us: we invest heavily in the protection of natural resources and work with as many local materials as possible,” said Georg Müller, chief executive officer of Interquell Petfood. “We also support environmental initiatives, such as with our partner One Earth – One Ocean, who remove 10kg of plastic from the oceans for every 10kg of dry food we produce. At the same time, it is essential that our products are protected in their packaging so that our high-quality pet food can be transported, stored, and easily served.

Mondi’s FlexiBags are made with 50% renewable resources. The bags are re-sealable. Mondi oversees the production of the base paper material, the film creation and the final conversion in-house, which reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging’s production.

“We pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions and personal working relationships with our customers,” said Emilio Vidri, sales director for Mondi’s Europe Consumer Flexibles division. “Using our EcoSolutions approach, we asked all the right questions from the outset to get the best results for our products, customer and the environment. The Goood FlexiBags are a perfect illustration of our commitment to creating packaging that is sustainable by design, and using paper where possible, plastic where useful. Superior functionality fits the premium brand, maintains the freshness of the product, is easy for the consumer to use and results in reduced food waste.”

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