MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — Pure Treats Inc. has recently expanded distribution of its freeze-dried meal toppers for dogs and cats to the United States. The PureBites Food Topper products are complete-and-balanced and can be served as a full meal or added to a regular diet as a food topper. Each formula contains between 19 and 25 “human-quality” ingredients, according to the company.

PureBites Food Topper products are formulated to be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, sodium and calories, and grain-free. Sourcing for and manufacturing of these diets is done in the United States. Pure Treats is marketing the diets as an ideal solution for pets with health issues, including obesity, diabetes, allergies or gastrointestinal conditions.

The line includes three formulas for dogs — Chicken, Beef and Lamb — and three recipes for cats — Chicken, Salmon and Turkey.

Additionally, Pure Treats announced the launch of PureBites Broths for dogs and cats in the US market. The protein broth products are formulated with four to five human-grade ingredients and are intended to be served as a meal topper or a hydrating treat between meals.

PureBites' new Broths add a boost of hydration for feeding and treatingPhoto courtesy of Pure Treats Inc. 

PureBites Broths are also designed to meet demand for the growing meal topper category. They are formulated without added preservatives, colors, fillers or sweeteners, and are also marketed toward pets with health issues.

The broths are available in four formulas for dogs — Chicken, Tuna, Chicken and Beef, and Tuna and Salmon — and four recipes for cats — Chicken, Tuna, Tuna and Salmon, and Tuna and Shrimp.

“Go ahead, look at our ingredients,” said Stuart Menten, marketing director at Pure Treats. “We’ve been preaching these words for 16 years now. PureBites offers pet parents the peace of mind knowing that they are buying treats made with simple, pure ingredients they can read, pronounce and trust.”

Both new products add to Pure Treats' growing line of limited-ingredient treats, toppers and diets, all of which are either freeze-dried, gently air-dried or wet.

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