LOS ANGELES — The Dog Bakery, a premium dog treat company, launched a new limited-edition product: barkuterie boards. The customized, human-inspired barkuterie boards includes 17 different treats, offering dogs a “gourmet experience.”  

Each barkuterie board is made to order and completely customized to a dog’s individual treat preferences and food sensitivities. The boards can include dried meats, fruits and cheeses, like traditional human charcuterie boards, as well as dog-specific treats made by The Dog Bakery, like Bark peanut butter tea sandwiches, cheese crackers and a personalized bone with a dog’s name.

The Dog Bakery’s barkuterie boards come on sustainably harvested cherry cutting boards and feature a cookie cutter for making dog treats at home.

Founded in 2007 by Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate, The Dog Bakery offers fresh-baked dog treats, some of which are inspired by traditional human snacks. Currently, the company offers a variety of treats as well as dog cakes, toys and chews. The Dog Bakery’s products are available at its retail stores in Los Angeles and online via the company’s e-commerce platform.

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