WEST CHESTER, PA. — Wild Nature Pet launched in March with a line of high protein jerky dog treats that deliver superfood nutrients for dogs while supporting causes important to adventurous pet owners. Sales of Wild Nature Pet treats help protect North America's parks and lands through the company’s membership with the Conservation Alliance. The treats are made in the United States with upcycled ingredients which reduces food waste and helps ensure sustainable farming for the future.

“We worked with one of the top animal nutritionists trying different blends of superfoods to create a healthy, environmentally responsible treat that would be trail ready and supercharged with flavors our dogs would love,” said Collin Phelan, co-founder of Wild Nature Pet. “In addition to creating the ideal on-the-go nutritious treat, we saw an opportunity where we could work to give back though support of national parks and lands and by thoughtfully sourcing upcycled ingredients that would otherwise go to waste to help the environment.”

Co-Founder Brendan Cawley, who also owns the popular beef jerky brand for humans called Righteous Felon, shared, "With our experience in premium meat snack crafting and our obsession with dogs, it makes perfect sense to enter the pet category. We've made a name for ourselves by providing delicious, nutritious, and adventurous snacks to families, and now, we're excited to provide them to four-legged family members as well." 

The company’s treat line consists of jerky-style treats in three flavors: chicken, beef and duck. All formulas also feature sweet potatoes, pumpkin and flaxseed and are free of wheat, corn and soy. 

Wild Nature Pet treats are targeted to the outdoor adventure-loving pet owner. The products currently sell directly to the consumer through Sierra Trading Post, Faire.com, Amazon and Chewy.

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