OAK CREEK, WIS. — Stella & Chewy’s launched several new cat food products recently, including the company’s first-ever kitten diets. The new products expand the company’s Carnivore Cravings line, which now offers paté and minced morsels formulas.

For kittens, Stella & Chewy’s has added two new products: Carnivore Cravings Purrfect Paté and Raw Coated Kitten Kibble.

Stella & Chewy’s new Raw Coated Kitten Kibble and Carnivore Cravings Purrfect Paté for KittensStella & Chewy's has released two new kitten foods, one wet and one dry. (Source: Stella & Chewy's)

Stella & Chewy’s new Carnivore Cravings Purrfect Paté for Kittens is formulated with a boost of hydration, healthy fats and protein to support healthy development. The new kitten food is available in a Chicken and Salmon flavor in 2.8-oz and 5.2-oz cans. The paté for kittens also contains additional taurine to support heart health, and DHA to support brain and eye health.

Stella & Chewy’s new Raw Coated Kitten Kibble is specifically formulated to support development in kittens. The dry kibble is formulated with cage-free chicken, DHA to support brain and eye development, Omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health, and high levels of fat and calories. The kitten kibble is available in a Cage-Free Chicken recipe in 2.5-lb and 5-lb bags. The kibble is also grain- and potato-free.

Stella & Chewy's new Carnivore Cravings Minced Morsels(Source: Stella & Chewy's)

For adult cats, the pet food company has expanded its Carnivore Cravings line with a new formula – Minced Morsels. The new Carnivore Cravings Minced Morsels offers cats a smooth paté texture with shreds of real meat. Formulated with animal muscle meat, the new formula is available in four flavors: Chicken, Tuna in Gravy, Chicken and Tuna, and Duck and Chicken. The meat shreds are minced and slowly simmered to provided extra palatability. Carnivore Cravings Minced Morsels are available in 2.8-oz and 5.2-oz cans.

Stella & Chewy’s new cat and kitten foods are available on the company’s e-commerce site – StellaAndChewy’s.com.

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