Raw-focused pet food and treat company, Stella & Chewy’s, on July 10 released two new complete and balanced, raw-coated kibble diets for cats. The Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibble diets are high-protein and grain-free.

Both products include kibble that is coated with the company’s freeze-dried raw recipe, but the Raw Blend also includes freeze-dried raw morsels mixed in with the coated kibble.

Raw Coated Kibble is available in two formulas: wild-caught salmon and cage-free chicken. The Raw Blend recipe is “cage-free.”

Both products include responsibly sourced animal proteins as the first ingredient, resulting in a 65-70% meat ingredient content for each recipe. They also contain cranberries as a source of antioxidants and to support urinary tract health, according to Stella & Chewy’s.

“We know that many cat parents are unable to feed raw exclusively, and we’re excited to provide a convenient, and sometimes more affordable option for many households who still want to give their cats awesome raw nutrition,” the company said. “Compared to many other kibbles, our kibble is high in protein.”

Both Raw Coated Kibble and Raw Blend diets are free from wheat, gluten, soy, corn, potatoes, dairy or eggs, pea protein or powdered cellulose, and artificial ingredients.

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