IBBENBÜREN, GERMANY — Trigea, a Crespel and Deiters Group brand, announced it will be showcasing its Trigovit® Tex texturates at the upcoming Technology for Meat and Alternative Proteins (IFFA) trade fair. The texturates can be rehydrated and can serve as meat replacements to develop vegan or hybrid pet food and treats.

According to Trigea, vegetable and plant-based proteins are in high demand within the pet food industry. The company’s wheat-based Trigovit texturates are extruded and can be used to improve a pet food’s texture as well as its nutritional value without impacting taste or odor. The texturates can be added to a variety of pet food formulas, including dry, kibble, wet, semi-moist and other formats.

"The buyers of plant-based foods are also reaching for products with less or no meat on the pet food shelf,” said Maximilian Hegge, sales manager at Trigea. “In terms of animal acceptance and ease of handling for manufacturing companies, wheat texturates offer decisive advantages."

The texturates are currently available in 19 different formats with a variety of shapes, colors and forms, including powder, chunks, flakes and granules. Once rehydrated, the chunks or bite-sized pieces transform, developing a fibrous structure similar to real meat with a unique crunch that attracts both cats and dogs, according to the company. Trigovit® Tex texturates are completely odor-free and tasteless, but can act as a carrier for fragrances and flavors.

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