ROBAKOWO, POLAND — WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH, a supplier of feeding technology solutions, released details on its partnership with HiProMine, a Poland-based feed producer, on March 30. In supplying HiProMine with insects, including black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), WEDA aids in the company’s development of pet and animal nutrition products.

With an industrial-scale insect production facility, WEDA produces 550 tons of substrate daily. According to WEDA, using insects can help feed the ever-growing world population and also save much-needed resources. Compared to traditional protein sources, insects provide a source in which raw materials can be completely used, decreasing food waste, according to WEDA.

HiProMine uses WEDA’s insect-based proteins to develop many animal feed products: HiProMeat, HiProMeal, HiProGrubs using dried Hermetia illucens larvae (BSFL), and HiProOil.

“With WEDA, we have found exactly the right technology partner who offers us the production security we need for the sustainable development of this business field,” said Damian Jozefiak, Ph.D., professor at Poznań University and founder of HiProMine.

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