MIAMI, FLA. — Mosaic Pet Food, a former Boston Treat House brand, has expanded its exotic protein pet food portfolio to include ostrich proteins, thanks to a recent partnership with and investment from one of world’s largest ostrich farms in South Africa.

Mosaic will make use of “the entire ostrich” in a new pet treat line, according to Jared Shlager, chief executive officer of Mosaic. The exotic protein pet treat brand will gain access to its new partners’ state-of-the-art facilities, as well as funding and improved infrastructure, as a result of the partnership. It will also allow Mosaic to expand into other pet consumable categories, including hypoallergenic dog and cat food formulas, supplements, exotic body part chews, and other innovations.

According to Shlager, ostrich farming is more sustainable than cattle farming as it uses 98% less land and 99% less water comparatively. The sustainability merits of this exotic protein parallel the brand’s key focus of providing more sustainable protein options to support the health of pets with food allergies, some of which are related to more traditional protein sources, Shlager pointed out.

“These major health problems are increasing the pet owner’s demands for exotic, nonallergenic consumables,” Shlager said. “Mosaic has the supply capabilities to support the high demand throughout the global pet industry.”

Mosaic’s new South African Ostrich Jerky treats are also formulated with fruits sourced in South Africa, and will be available in three formats: chips, bites and sausages.

The company also announced it will expand distribution in the United States and in other continents as a result of the investment.

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