NEW ORLEANS — In February 2022, Big Easy Blends, a manufacturer of flexible pouch packaging and slushies for humans, announced it has entered the pet food and treat industry with its new product: MyPup Dog Slushies.

According to Big Easy Blends’ Co-Owner Sal LaMartina, the company was prompted to enter the pet food space to provide hydration for dogs during the upcoming summer season.

“My dog, Copper, loves frozen yogurt but we didn’t like feeding him all that dairy,” LaMartina said. “Most frozen dog treats contain dairy so there was really a white space for a dairy-free frozen dog treat. It seemed like a natural fit for us to make a frozen pop-type treat for dogs.”

MyPup Dog Slushies are formulated with vitamins, contain no diary or grains, and are manufactured in a human-grade facility.

The slushies are available in three different flavors — Beef, Chicken and Peanut Butter — and will be available at Kroger, Menard’s Stop & Shop, Giant, KVAT Food City, HEB and Amazon beginning March 2022.

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