TEWKSBURY, MASS. — On June 28, Wellness Pet Company launched its new Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ line, which expands upon the company’s existing Bowl Boosters products. The new line marks Wellness Pet Company’s entrance into the fresh/frozen category.

According to the 2021 Fresh Pet Food Study, conducted by Wellness Pet Company in partnership with The Valen Group, pet parents are exploring different ways to provide their companions with more variety. Fifty-one percent of fresh pet food consumers and 46% of those interested in the fresh category want to mix their pets’ food with other products, including meal toppers and other kibbles, to provide variety to their pets. To meet this increasing trend, Wellness Pet Company has developed its new Bowl Boosters Freshly line to provide more versatility to dog owners.

The Bowl Boosters Freshly line includes three recipes — Chicken and Butternut Squash, Beef and Carrots, and Turkey and Sweet Potatoes — formulated with high-quality fresh proteins, rice and vegetables. Wellness Pet Company also revealed that a new recipe, specifically formulated for puppies, will be coming soon to the Freshly line. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the foods can serve as a meal topper, treat or complete-and-balanced meal.

"As pet parents, we seek fresh, whole-food ingredients for ourselves for the same reason we want them for our dogs: to see all-day energy, strong bones and immunity as we navigate life's adventures and share a life together," said Danielle Bernal, DVM, veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company. "When you supercharge your dog's bowl with Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly, you supercharge all that you do together: more backyard frolicking, longer walks around the neighborhood, more road trips to that favorite trailhead, cozier cuddles, more energetic play dates, and of course more meaningful mealtimes."

The company originally introduced the new fresh product line during Global Pet Expo 2022, along with other product innovations.

The Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly line is now available in branded freezers at PetSmart and online via Chewy and PetSmart.com. The line will later expand into Petco locations later this summer.

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