OAKLAND, CALIF. — Pet food brand Petaluma unveiled its first dog treat, Sweet Potato Jerky, on Feb. 8. The single-ingredient treat is plant-based and offers an alternative to traditional meat jerky dog treats.

“We created Petaluma to challenge the pet food industry’s reliance on animal agriculture, which means expanding the brand beyond our gently baked dog food,'' said Garrett Wymore, chief executive officer and co-founder of Petaluma. “The vast majority of conventional chicken jerky is made from poultry inhumanely raised on factory farms, and our new treats offer an eco-friendly replacement made from organically grown sweet potatoes.” 

Committed to sustainability, Petaluma uses sustainably sourced sweet potatoes from a farm in North Carolina, which are then dehydrated and packaged in compostable materials. The company uses organic sweet potatoes to help reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. According to the company, each package of Sweet Potato Jerky treats saves 185 gallons of water, eliminates eight pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less land compared to traditional chicken jerky treats.

The treats are formulated with vitamins, minerals and fiber to support digestion. Meant for dogs weighing 10 pounds or more, the treats do not contain any sugar, salt or preservatives. The treats are available in 12-oz packages for $16.99 exclusively on Petaluma’s e-commerce platform.

The Sweet Potato Jerky treats follow Petaluma’s launch of its first plant-based dog food product in June 2021.

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