ORRVILLE, OHIO — On Feb. 1, Milk-Bone®, owned by The J.M. Smucker Co., released four new dog treats under its existing line of biscuits and chews. The brand released two new biscuit varieties, Stacked and Stuffed, and two new chew varieties, Flavor Twists and Flavor Braids.

The Stacked biscuits are sandwich-like treats with a molasses and peanut butter crème between two biscuits, formulated without artificial preservatives, fillers or colors. The Stuffed biscuits contain a crunchy biscuit exterior with a soft bacon and beef filling, formulated without artificial flavors, beef byproduct meals or fillers. Both new biscuit varieties are available in 10-oz and 30-oz packages.

The Flavor Twist Chews and Flavor Braid Chews come in a variety of flavors and are 100% rawhide and plastic free and do not contain any artificial flavors. The Flavor Twist Chews are available in 20-count and 70-count packages. The Flavor Braid Chews are available in five-count and four-count packages.

"We're excited to offer more ways than ever to connect with our pets," said Jasen Cusick, marketing director of dog treats at Milk-Bone. "We know pet parents are looking for special moments to bond with their dogs and express their love. Our new Milk-Bone treats deliver indulgent flavors and textures that will excite and delight fur babies everywhere."

The four new treats are available now at several retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Target.

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