NEW YORK — Pet-Ness, a pet wellness company, has released a line of functional, CBD-infused dog treats to treat anxiety, boost positive moods, offer heart health and enhance mobility. The treats are formulated with human-grade, full spectrum hemp oil and other organically grown, non-GMO ingredients.

HappyTreats are crunchy dog biscuits containing 1.5mg of hemp extract per treat to boost mood or relieve anxiety. They are formulated with oats, sweet potato, pumpkin, honey, flaxseed, and other natural ingredients.

CalmTreats include 4mg of hemp extract per treat and can be administered to relieve anxiety, soothe an upset stomach or help dogs sleep. These soft chews include organic echinacea to boost the immune system and organic chamomile as a natural sedative. Valerian root and melatonin are included to alleviate anxiety and stress. The treats are formulated with other natural ingredients.

ThriveTreats act as an anti-inflammatory, provide energy and support dogs’ immune systems. At 4mg per treat, the soft chews are formulated with rosemary, ginger root, organic cayenne pepper and other herbs that boost circulation and promote vascular health.

MobilityTreats are soft chew treats containing 4mg of hemp extract per treat to enhance mobility, relieve pain and serve as an anti-inflammatory. The soft chews include turmeric and willow bark, as well as green lipped mussels, curcumin and Sam-E to help manage inflammation and pain and treat osteoarthritis.

HappyTreats come in 5.6-oz. packages, and the other three treats are available in 4.23-oz. packages.

Pet-Ness is based in New York. The company also sells hemp oil tinctures for dogs and cats to support overall health and well-being. Currently, the products are available through the company’s website and select pet specialty stores.

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