OLATHE, KAN. — JAC Pet Nutrition recently announced it has added TruMune postbiotics to its Superfood Crumbles, a line of dog and cat food meal toppers and gravy mixes. TruMune has been proven to provide microbiome balance, joint support, and skin and coat health benefits for pets.

“We are excited to add the superpowers of postbiotics to our three Superfood Crumbles Dog and Cat Food Topper and Gravy Mix recipes,” said Charlie Bachkora, chief pooper scooper at JAC Pet Nutrition. “Postbiotics contain unique bioactive compounds that work naturally with your pet’s biology to support beneficial bacteria and balance the gut microbiomes. This has a significant effect on the digestive system and overall pet health.

“We feel we have one of the best food topper and nutrition boosting products on the market,” he continued. “Now, Crumbles will support healthy digestion, joint function, and skin and coat care. At JAC, we know these additional benefits are critically important for a dog’s and cat’s overall health and wellness.”

Diamond V, a division of Cargill, reports that scientific research with TruMune demonstrates the product supports the potential of the immune system for greater mobility, higher activity levels as well as overall performance, health and vitality.

According to Dr. Tammi Epp, director of monogastric health research and technical support with Diamond V, the company’s ingredients work naturally with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity and promote a healthy microbial balance.

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