CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Global animal health business Diamond V has launched TruMune™, an advanced immune health product specifically for use in dog and cat diets, including complete foods and treats. Diamond V reports that scientific research with TruMune demonstrates the product supports the potential of the immune system for greater mobility, higher activity levels as well as overall performance, health and vitality.

"We tested TruMune over the course of two years in controlled scientific studies conducted at universities and an independent canine research center," said Dr. Tammi Epp, director of monogastric health research and technical support with Diamond V.

According to Diamond V, the canine research center studies showed that TruMune significantly improves stride length, activity per kilometer and average moving speed per kilometer compared to dogs fed the same diet but without TruMune.

Epp noted that Diamond V products work naturally with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity and promote a healthy microbial balance.

Diamond V, a global brand of Minneapolis-based Cargill, offers research-based innovation for many species; and, at its Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility, manufactures fermentation-based immune support products for animal health, animal performance and food safety worldwide.

TruMune is a unique microbial fermentate for incorporation in all types of pet food that, according to Cargill, has been proven to support greater mobility and activity in pets. The science and manufacturing technology of TruMune builds on Diamond V's latest product development for the dairy and beef animal nutrition industry.

“We were very familiar with the basic science behind TruMune because it’s been used in other animal species for many years and we believe in the technology’s ability to help pets with their digestibility of nutrients and mobility,” says Frank Ziacik, commercial director US pet food, Cargill Feed & Nutrition.

Cargill’s animal nutrition business consists of three distinct divisions: Cargill Feed and Nutrition (CFN) produces finished pet food and feed formulas; Cargill Premix and Nutrition (CPN) includes Diamond V and offers micronutrition, additives, premixes, ingredients, vitamins and trace minerals; and Cargill Aqua Nutrition supports the feeding of salmon and other fish and shrimp around the world. In addition to these three pillars of Cargill’s animal nutrition business, there are more than 14 other businesses in the Cargill network that offer solutions to the pet food and treat industry worldwide.

“We are able to serve customers from farm to bowl,” Ziacik says. “From grain origination to traceable processing to additives like TruMune from Diamond V, we have been in the animal nutrition, food safety and traceability business for a very long time.”

CFN has four pet food processing plants and manufacturers its own brands including Loyall®, Loyall Life® and Black Gold® that are sold primarily through ag retail channels and online. CFN also produces products for private label customers both in the ag retail space and other retail channels. The company produces finished pet diets ranging from the value price line to super premium products. Outside of the US, CFN has pet business in 10 other countries.

Cargill’s pet treat business is housed in the company’s North American protein division and produces a variety of bones and chews for pets sourced from Cargill’s primary processing operations. All treats are American made in the company’s British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified facility. Global BRC certification ensures operations incorporate the highest quality and safety standards.

Ziacik says the company’s animal nutrition portfolio and focus on food safety is unique. “From meat proteins to grains to micro nutrition to finished product, there isn’t anyone else who can do all that we do,” he says. “As the world’s largest manufacturer of food ingredients for human food, we are well positioned to have a great track record in food safety and ingredient processing to be able to give brand owners and manufacturers the peace of mind that comes with ingredient quality and traceability.”

Currently, Cargill operates 55 animal feed production and distribution facilities across the US. Globally, the company’s animal nutrition business has more than 20,000 employees at more than 275 facilities in 40 countries.


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