OLATHE, KAN. — JAC Pet Nutrition, a recent entrant to the North American pet treat market, announced March 18 plans to launch three new product lines at Global Pet Expo Digital Access 2021, scheduled from March 24 to 26.

New products include dehydrated and freeze-dried raw dog treats, as well as dehydrated superfood meal toppers for dogs and cats. All formulations by JAC Pet Nutrition are intended to be nutritional and functional, with a fresh-meat and small-batch approach.

“After working with and studying pet nutrition for many years, I decided to start my own pet company that is committed to providing innovative, healthy and functional products for pet lovers everywhere,” said Charlie Bachkora, “chief pooper scooper” at JAC Pet Nutrition. “We use a holistic approach to pet health and wellness. With all the unvalidated claims you see on packages today, we are committed to this mandate, if we claim it, we guarantee it. So, we send our products to a lab to test for vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in addition to the normal test for protein, crude fat, fiber, moisture and ash and we put it in our Guaranteed Analysis panel on the package. Most treat companies don’t test for, or list, anything other than protein, crude fat, fiber, moisture, and ash.”  

All ingredients used in JAC Pet Nutrition’s Dehydrated SUPERFOOD Dog Treats with Benefits, Freeze Dried Raw Meatball Dog Treats, and Dehydrated SUPERFOOD Dog and Cat Food Topper and Gravy Mix are ethically and sustainably sourced in the United States and Canada, according to the company, except for its turmeric ingredients, which are imported from India.

JAC Pet Nutrition aims to offer full disclosure for all its products’ guaranteed nutrient analysis panels. The dehydrated dog treats and dehydrated pet food meal toppers include 260 milligrams of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids per treat, offering anti-inflammatory, mobility, heart health, and skin and coat health benefits. The dog treats are formulated with real peanut butter and fresh meat.

The company’s dehydrated dog treats and meal toppers are both formulated with organic quinoa, organic turmeric, whole blueberries, whole green beans and flaxseed, with the option for wild-caught Alaskan salmon, grass-fed beef or free-run chicken proteins. The beef proteins are sourced from the Midwest, and both beef and chicken proteins are raised without added hormones or antibiotics.

The company’s Freeze Dried Raw Meatball dog treats are made with human-grade Texas beef and country chicken, produced in a human food-grade facility, then freeze-dried in a pet food facility. Ninety-six percent of the ingredients are from meat, organs and ground bone.

In addition to its new product launches, JAC Pet Nutrition announced March 18 it has partnered with one Canadian retailer and one Canadian distributor to expand its reach in Quebec.

J. E. Mondou, a pet specialty retail chain based in Montreal, will begin stocking JAC Pet Nutrition’s treats and toppers starting in April. ANIMAGO Distribution has agreed to distribute the company’s pet products throughout the Provence of Quebec, also beginning in April.

“Mondou and ANIMAGO are two of the pet industry leaders in Canada and we are proud to partner with both companies,” Bachkora said. “In January, we made the decision to offer all of our product in bi-lingual packaging for Canada. We know if we want to be a supplier in the Canadian market, bi-lingual packaging was the only way to gain distribution. Both companies see the value in JAC Pet and are excited to offer our products to their customers.”

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